Back to school, back to the office (for some), and we are all experiencing slightly shorter days and longer nights. In Vermont, we are welcoming fresh cool air and sounds of nature into our indoor spaces as a reprieve from air conditioners and white noise.  

Vacationing in Vermont during autumn is ideal, but your weekend getaway bag should include a few different essentials than your summer luggage. As the temperatures will vary quite a bit, we've landed on our favorite tips and tricks while visiting Vermont in the fall: 

  1. Layers, layers, upon layers, and we are not referring to cake here. A breathable tank top for a long hike, with a long sleeve tee or breathable shirt, fleece top, and a shell jacket will prepare you for the weather you may experience in the fall in Vermont. Let go of the feeling of being high maintenance, and think about how comfortable you will be while out and about, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way.
  1. A swimsuit and a sweatshirt, and make sure it is the coziest sweatshirt you own; Vermonter's will never judge you for putting your comfort over fashion. There will inevitably be that fall day that we wish you had your swimsuit with you to jump into that swimming hole one more time this year, so we might as well be prepared. You will want it for our indoor pool and hot tub if the sunshine is not shining as strong. Either way, you will want to throw on that sweatshirt post-swim.
  1. A sweater for your head, a stocking cap, a beanie, or a hat. Please ensure everyone in your group is covered, as it will make that early morning hike much more enjoyable during the cooler early morning temps. 
  1. Warm up with a maple latte or hot cocoa from one of Stowe's many coffee shops and cafes. If you want to try a new adult beverage, stop by Stowe Cider and try their latest creation, Cider Donut, a collaboration with the creative and delicious donut shop North Country Donuts.   

If you need anything, a shop in Stowe has you covered, but we hope our tips got you excited for the season and travel ahead!

Written by John Rushworth

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