It’s no secret that Stowe is an area filled with adventure, from family-friendly hikes, waterfalls to discover, and mountains to climb with your feet or pedals and two wheels. Locals will tell you that the community of Stowe highly values the outdoor lifestyle.

Suppose you are traveling as a family or with a larger group. In that case, it can be tough to figure out what everyone’s “adventure level” is, so we decided to check in with a few of our younger locals, Kane (5) and Alice (10), to find out what their favorite outdoor activities in the area are. Please keep reading to learn more about their favorite adventures for summer fun.

So, what’s your favorite mountain bike trail, and why?

Alice: Florence, but everyone calls it “Flo” at Cady Hill because it’s like a rollercoaster, and I usually get ice cream at Red Barn after.

Kane: I like the bike path (Stowe Recreation Path) because you can stop and swim whenever you want to. The bridges are also fun.

If you had to do one hike tomorrow, what would it be and why?

Alice: Sunset Rock, I like that it’s in the forest, but it does not take all day. I also like the view of the town at the beginning and then having snacks at the top.

Kane: I like to go into the woods too. I remember doing one hike, and I wanted to get to the top because I could see the world. (Kane is referring to Stowe Pinnacle. Tip for this age: It was challenging, so we brought lots of treats, sang songs, and started at the Meadow Trail to make the hike slightly shorter.)

We’ve had a warm summer; where is your favorite swimming place?

Alice: I do like swimming in pools, but I also like waterfalls and jumping in. Foster’s swimming hole is really fun. So if I had to choose, I would go to a pool or Fosters.

Kane: I like going to the Waterbury Reservoir as I always meet friends there. There are always other kids to play with, and I caught a frog once.

What else do you love to do if you have free time with your family or friends outside?

Alice: Go for a run, but only with my mom and me, at the quiet path at Mayo Farm.

Kane: I would like to go to the playground at the school (Stowe Elementary Playground), then get ice cream.

Written by John Rushworth

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