Winter in Stowe is often defined by snow and adrenaline, with skiers and hard-core sportsmen drawn from far and wide to the contours of Stowe Mountain. For those who seek a more meandering pace, Stowe’s winter’s offerings are no less rich. Tranquil forests provide an array of walks that showcase the region's natural beauty in the serene ambiance of winter. Whether you're seeking stoic or awe-inspiring nature, these five areas - with or without snow- promise enchanting experiences for winter wanderers.


Kirchner Woods

Flush with maple trees, Kirschner Woods was formerly an active sugar bush. These days, it is a tranquil, easy to travel forest that holds remnants of local history. This is an ideal area to breathe in the calm of nature while exploring Stowe’s sweet past. 


Pinnacle Meadow

Photo Courtesy of Stowe Land Trust 


For a family-friendly winter outing, consider the charming Pinnacle Meadow Trail located within the grounds of the iconic Trapp Family Lodge. This scenic loop trail travels through open meadows and wooded glades, doling out stunning views of the surrounding mountains. As you make your way along the gently rolling terrain, keep an eye out for wildlife tracks in the snow, and enjoy sharing the crisp winter air with the woodland animals that call this place home. 


Behind Sun & Ski - Stowe Recreation Path  

As a guest at Sun & Ski, the inspiration of nature is right out your back door. Behind the Inn lies the Stowe Recreation Path, a beloved destination for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. In winter, the path’s towering trees are often coated in frost, scored by the rolling of the nearby river. 


Weissner Woods 

Photo Courtesy of Go Stowe


For a predominantly flat walk that delivers miles of trees and a stunning meadow view, look no further than Weissner Woods. This area is a favorite of locals and visitors alike for its accessible, yet impressive beauty. It’s lovely any time of year, but visiting when it's dusted in snow and less trafficked is truly memorable. 

Sunset Rock

Photo courtesy of 


Located within Stowe Village, Sunset Rock puts you among the pine and hardwood with a breathtaking view of Stowe before you. Begin at the end of Sunset Street in town, and in about an hour or less find yourself with a vista to appreciate over a thermos of your favorite hot beverage. 


Much of winter’s beauty is still, and wandering allows us to adapt to the pace of the season. Whether contained amidst snow-draped woods or at the open expanse of a rocky overlook, when we walk we notice. So bundle up, lace up your boots, and take some time to notice. The nature of Stowe is there to meet you. 

Written by John Rushworth

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