What is Mud Season?

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As winter loosens its grip and spring emerges, Vermont prepares for its unique annual event: mud season. Stowe experiences this transitional period vividly, with much of its elevated landscape becoming a mushy wonderland. Here we explore the essence of mud season, unveil the activities it offers, and guide you through making the most of this distinct time in Stowe.

Understanding Mud Season

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Mud season, stretching from late March to early May, symbolizes Vermont's shift from winter to spring. It's a period defined by melting snow, thawing ground, and, of course: MUD. The amalgamation of snowmelt and rainfall saturates the soil, rendering roads and trails slippery and muddy. For locals, it's a phenomenon that signals the awakening of new life and the anticipation of warmer days ahead.

Hiking During Mud Season

Photo Courtesy of Green Mountain Club

While higher elevation trails may still be snow-covered or inaccessible, lower elevation routes are still available for exploration. It is recommended to avoid trails with heavy mud, as foot traffic when the ground is soft can compress and damage the terrain - this list from The Green Mountain Club offers options throughout the state where conditions are good this time of year. Remember to wear sturdy footwear with good traction and embrace the squishy, muddy terrain as part of the adventure.

Other Outdoor Activities

Beyond hiking, Stowe offers a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy during mud season. Mountain biking enthusiasts can hit the trails as soon as the snow recedes, with many routes becoming accessible earlier in the season. Additionally, fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of the rising water levels in rivers and streams, while birdwatchers can observe the return of migratory species to the region.

What We Love About Mud Season

Despite its challenges, there's a certain charm to mud season that captures the hearts of Vermonters and visitors alike. It's a time of renewal, as nature awakens from its winter slumber and bursts forth with new life. From the vibrant green shoots pushing through the muddy earth to the sound of rushing streams and waterfalls, there's an undeniable energy in the air during mud season. It's a reminder that change is inevitable and that beauty can be found even in the messiest of seasons.


Written by John Rushworth

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