In a place as seasonally dynamic as Vermont, things can change quickly. This is never more true than in fall, when the leaves swiftly turn their fiery hues and provide us with a narrow window in which to witness them. With foliage peaking mid October, this is the time of year when we make a point of appreciating it as it continues to transform, and get outside with our favorite family (and some spooky) activities. 

Visit Gold Brook Covered Bridge 

Built in 1844, Gold Brook Covered Bridge is the only 19th-century covered bridge in the state built using wooden Howe trusses and carrying a public roadway. Due to this distinction, it has been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places since 1974, and is a must-see for history buffs visiting the area. Beyond its architectural significance, the bridge also appeals to ghost-story seekers…tales of the bridge being haunted by a young woman, Emily, are well known to locals, and October is the perfect time to visit and explore some spirited history.


Branch Out Into Apple Picking 

Photo Courtesy of Vermont Vacation

Apple picking in October is a quintessential New England experience. Whether with family or friends, the crisp autumn air and vibrant foliage provide the perfect backdrop for this wholesome seasonal tradition. There are several area orchards to visit, surrounding you with Green Mountain beauty while you pluck perfectly ripe and juicy apples straight from the tree. Some popular  varieties at this point in the season are Fuji, Candy Crisp and Jona Gold. After a day among the trees and the smell of fresh apples, you’re sure to feel the magic of the season. 


Get In The Dark about Local History 

Photo Courtesy of Go Stowe 

After a day of apple picking and exploring the natural wonders of fall in Vermont, Stowe Lantern Tours offer a unique and enchanting way to explore historic Stowe. Guided by knowledgeable locals, participants are led through the charming streets and alleys, carrying lanterns to cast a warm glow. As night falls, the lanterns illuminate rich history. From Stowe of Yore to the present day, immerse yourself in the hidden stories of Stowe. 



Photo Courtesy of Percy Farm 

One of the most entertaining fall-themed activities in Stowe is the Percy Farm Corn Maze! This sprawling maze, set within the picturesque Percy Farm, features intricate paths and twists that challenge even the most advanced maze-goers. As you navigate the labyrinth of towering cornstalks, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of Vermont’s countryside. It is an unmissable way to connect with the season, and explore the stunning landscape of Stowe. 


Family Foliage Photo Op


When the autumn leaves grace us with their brilliant shades, red, orange, and gold offer the perfect backdrop for a cherished family portrait. In addition to taking advantage of the activities Stowe’s landscape offers, we also recommend taking a beat to capture the memories made. Whether in a scenic meadow, in an orchard, or against a covered bridge, Stowe’s fall scenes are sure to add an ephemeral wonder to your family photograph.


As October unfolds in Vermont, the splendor of fall is alive and well. Whether you’re savoring a freshly picked apple, getting lost in a corn maze, or simply taking in the scenery, this chapter in the delightful changing seasons of Stowe creates indelible memories for all who visit.   


Written by John Rushworth

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