Falling for Stowe
After the spoils of summer, September serves as a bridge from the frenetic to the familiar. The crossover into fall often brings a return to routine, with the cooling weather inviting us to settle in for the last months of the year and get cozy. It is in this moment of pivot, that Stowe unfurls its autumnal magic. For visitors and locals alike, we explore some of the treasures that make this season so special.
Leaf it to Stowe Mountain
Photo Courtesy of Go Stowe
Late September-October is foliage season in Vermont, and one of the most spectacular ways to experience it is with a Gondola SkyRide at Stowe Mountain. The views are breathtaking anytime of year, but the window of foliage season elevates the sprawling mountain landscape around Stowe to a kaleidoscopic masterpiece. Grab your loved ones and take a seat; this ride is not to be missed.
Foliage Loops
As the star of early autumn, foliage gets double billing this month. If heights aren’t your thing, or you simply want to see more color up close, a foliage drive is a must. Stowe’s rural setting within an expanse of farmland lends itself to some of the most serene and stunning drives around, with numerous routes in the area known for delivering views flush with iconic reds, oranges, and yellows. There are many roads to choose from, so let us know if you’d like help picking just the right one for your day!
Phenomenal Night Skies
It’s early yet, but October through winter, it’s possible to see the Northern lights in Vermont. Autumn equinox is said to bring increased geomagnetic activity, making the Aurora Borealis visible as far south as Stowe on special occasions. It’s difficult to predict when the phenomenon will grace us, but the projected movement is constantly being tracked… If you are in the area throughout the darker months, you might be lucky enough to witness the marvel.
Final Swings Until Spring
Stowe Mini Golf is an 18 hole course located right here on the Sun & Ski grounds. It is a professionally designed garden setting, intended to challenge experienced players and give the sense of a full scale golf course, while being a welcoming place for all ages fun. September is the penultimate month of play before we hang up our putters for winter, and the crisp fall days are some of our favorites for a family outing!
Historic Main Street, Ablaze with Color
Photo courtesy of the Dave Gelinas Collection
The beautiful nature of our town continues right into downtown, with tree lined streets inviting you to stroll and explore. The above photo from the 60s shows an older and slightly sparser town, but the essence remains much the same to this day. Over 30 small businesses call Stowe home, with restaurants, antique stores, specialty goods, art galleries and much more interspersed with historic buildings. This time of year is especially perfect for grabbing a coffee, and seeing where the shopping winds take you.
As we march through another seasonal shift, we are yet again noticing and embracing the bold changes that imbue this area with wonder. We hope you will come visit us and experience this golden window of the year. With leaves turning into a spectacle of color, and the small town charm on full display, there is no time like now to be in Stowe.
Written by John Rushworth

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