Snack Box

A morning food offering has long been part of our experience here at the Sun & Ski Inn and Suites and we offer complimentary snack boxes as part your stay. Our newest evolution has been developed to adapt to the changing expectations of our guests and health and safety guidelines.

We are excited for the opportunity to offer you a balanced snack box with a variety of fresh and individually wrapped items that you can take anywhere during your stay. Whether you picnic on the back lawn, or take it to go for an early morning ski or hike, we’ve got you covered! You want to sleep in past regular breakfast hours? No problem, your snack box will be waiting for you. Leaving early the next morning? No problem, pick up your snack box the night before and store in your refrigerator.

We have three snack boxes to choose from: The Fresh Start Box, the Power Start Box and the Kids/Teen Box. Each box is designed in the effort to provide a little something for everyone. The variety of individual items also allows you to trade with another member of your family or group. You can obtain your snack box of choice at the Sun & Ski Inn front desk between 7:30am-10:30am.