Thursday, September 30th, 2021

Leaf peeping season is among us! While the first leaves already start to change at the end of August, the best colors usually appear between the last few days of September and the middle of October. No one can predict exactly when peak will arrive, but if you travel to Stowe during that time period you are sure to see some beautiful scenery.

Our guests often ask us what the best driving routes are around Stowe. Even within the borders of Stowe, the leaves change at different times depending on the elevation. We’ve mapped out the five best foliage driving routes that will give you the best of everything. Here are the highlights.

Elmore Mountain Road to Randolph Road

From the Stowe village, head north on Route 100 toward Morrisville. On the right hand side you will see a road to right called Randolph Road. Shortly after, turn right onto Elmore Mountain Road. Stay on Elmore Mountain Road until you reach Route 12. Take a left on Route 12 which will turn into Upper Main street. Upper Main Street will turn into Historic Vermont Route 100. On the left you will see Randolph Road again. Continue on Randolph Road until you meet up with Route 100 again to return to Stowe.

Visitor tip: Elmore Mountain Road is home to Elmore Mountain Farm, a wonderful Vermont business that makes soaps and other body care items. The farm is not open for visitors. However, their products can be found in local retail shops like the Body Lounge just down the street from the Sun & Ski Inn and Suites.

Brush Hill

From the Stowe Village head north on Route 100 toward Morrisville. On the right hand side you will see a sign for Brush Hill Road. Brush Hill Road turns into Moss Glen Falls Rd.

Visitor Tip: Before getting back to Route 100, a stop at Moss Glen Falls is a must do! A short walk (10 minutes) will bring you to some of the most beautiful cascading waterfalls in the area.

Edson Hill and West Hill Road

From the Sun & Ski Inn property, take a left onto Route 108/Mountain Road. Stay on the Mountain Road until you reach Edson Hill Road on the right-hand side. Continue on Edson Hill and it will bring you automatically to West Hill Road. Stay on West Hill Road to the bottom which brings you back to the Mountain Road.

Visitor Tip: Edson Hill Road will take you along some of the most beautiful and grand residential properties in Stowe. Don’t expect to get a peak at many of them, though, because they are hidden down long dirt drive-ways and densely forested areas. Some have ornamented gates. Regardless, this drive is one of the most beautiful at all moments of foliage season. Early leaf peepers will be treated with color at these high elevations and even past peak is a sight to see as the deeper parts of the forested areas turn colors and shed their leaves to form a blanket of color.

Moscow and Little River

From the Sun & Ski Inn property, take a left onto route 108/Mountain Road. At the fork in the road at St. John’s Episcopal church, take a left onto Luce Hill Road. Take a left onto Barrows Road. This route will take you through mostly residential areas of Stowe. At the end of Barrows Road take a left onto Moscow Road. At the end of Moscow Road you will take a left onto River Road for the last leg of the loop. River Road will bring you back to Route 100. Continue left onto Route 100 to the Stowe Village and return to the Sun & Ski Inn by taking another left onto Route 108/Mountain Road. This route is best around the middle of foliage season because of its lower elevations.

Visitor Tip: A little-known fact is that Moscow is a historic village. It used to be an industrial center with a general store and school. Moscow has its own zip code and still has its own 4th of July parade every year.

Stowe Hollow to Cold Hollow Cider Mill

From the Stowe Village take Route 100 North and take a right on to School Street across from the Stowe community church. Stay straight to continue onto Stowe Hollow Road. Take a left onto Upper Hollow Road and follow until you reach Kneeland Flats Road. Kneeland Flats will take you back to Route 100 where you will take a right towards Stowe.

Visitor Tip: On Upper Hollow Road keep an eye out for one of the most picturesque red barns in Vermont. It’s a must have for your Instagram feed! Don’t forget to stop for a hot apple cider and a cider donut on your way back at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill!

Written by John Rushworth

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