Unwind and Reconnect with Loved Ones in Vermont

It’s been a long couple of years for many, but at least for the moment, it’s feeling like we can all take some much needed and overdue vacation time to see family and friends. We are also in some ways playing “vacation catch-up”, and taking full advantage of every new experience and adventure. However, sometimes when doing so we often get home from a vacation feeling tired and run down. Of course, there are always 3 exceptions to this rule when visiting Stowe: skiing, hiking, or biking. So, if you’re tired from doing either one of these activities, then it’s completely acceptable. If not, time to slow down and enjoy each moment, and truly take a break.

To sum it up, perhaps your time in Vermont is less about a list of to-do’s, and is more about savoring your time and cherishing who you are spending it with.

Fresh Air, Fresh Mind


We all know that being outside and getting vitamin D can do wonders for our health in many ways. According to a 2022 article in Inc.com, one of the top ways to add joy to your life and to prioritize your own happiness is to spend more time outside. Even if that time is spent sitting in a chair, or on a porch.  So take a seat, read a book, and just relax, but try your best to do it outside.

There are also many options for trail walks and hikes in Stowe, including two different waterfalls to explore. This time of year the trails tend to be pretty muddy. Visit the Green Mountain Club’s website here for trail updates and tips.

Go Out for Ice Cream

A lot like savoring a cup of fancy tea, ice cream is a simple pleasure, and never disappoints. We don’t disagree that there are many great restaurants and coffee shops in Stowe, but there are also some pretty amazing scoop shops. Our recommendation is that when in Stowe, say yes to ice cream.

If you are looking for a less guilty frozen treat, visit Acorn Italian Ice in the village (opening date for the spring/summer season: TBD).

Park Your Car and Lose the Keys

We know that this may not be entirely possible, but between Sun & Ski Inn and Suites’ pool, hot tub, onsite mini golf course, Stowe Golf Park and the 8-lane boutique bowling alley, Stowe Bowl, as well as the many shops and restaurants, all within walking distance from the property, you can come pretty close. Did we mention relaxing and taking in the scenery along the Stowe Recreation Path? Access to the path is also a short walk from the property’s front door.