Three Great Fall Hikes and Walks

The ‘awe’ in ‘awesome’ is the feeling we get this time of year. Fall foliage is here, and you immerse in it on your hikes — or walks, if leisurely strolls are more your cup of tea. Leaves of all colors rain down on you wherever you go, as the coolness in the air makes you zip up your jacket and dream about a wood-burning fire.

Here’s a short list of three great hikes and walks in Stowe, Vermont!

Big Spruce Hike

This one’s a bit of a work-out. The great thing about Big Spruce is that it’s a very gradual uphill climb. No cliffhangers or knee-breaking jumps, but you’ll still get your exercise! Needless to say, the views are beautiful, and there’s a connecting trail taking you to the gorgeous Sterling Pond while you’re at it.

Wiessner Woods

No grand vistas here, but Wiessner Woods is completely covered in colors this time of year. A patch of forest conserved by the Stowe Land Trust, Wiessner Woods is one of the most popular recreational destinations around for families and their four-legged friends alike. The trails are very accessible to anybody who’s up for a low-key walk. And if you stroll around long enough, you’re sure to run into the sugar shack in the photo above! Make sure to bring your camera to this one.

Sunset Rock

Speaking of cameras: Here’s a Kodak moment if ever you saw one! The classic view of Stowe Village with its cute New England buildings and white church steeple is just minutes away! This one’s a bit of a climb, but you’ll reach your destination before you know it. Best at sunset, as the name suggests, and bestest during fall foliage. This one is a must to anybody visiting Stowe, Vermont!