The Wedding Weekend

When my husband and I got married in Stowe, Vermont, the experience was just as much about creating memories for our guests as it was about us making the ultimate commitment to one another. The wedding took place in my hometown but was essentially a destination wedding, because we lived overseas at the time. We brought together family and friends from both sides of the ocean for a long weekend of tours and activities around Stowe, in addition to the main wedding ceremony and reception events.

Why, you may ask, is a wedding about more than just the bride and groom? Well, the first answer comes down to dollars and cents. The average wedding guest may need to spend upwards of $1,000 or more themselves on clothing, transportation, accommodations and gifts. That number is even more for a member of the wedding party or close family. So yes, there is an obligation to show your guests a great time in return for their investment of time and resources.

But the most important reasons to show your guests a great time over the whole weekend is to give them an experience that connects them to you and your guests for a lifetime. The best and most memorable weddings I have been to have been the ones with pre-and post-wedding activities. They gave the guests an opportunity to talk to the bride and groom, and family and friends. After our own wedding, many of our friends became more closely acquainted and sharing the experience also made some relationships with us stronger.

The difference between this kind of wedding and some others I have been to is that you feel like you are a participant rather than just an observer of some kind performance. Add in some last-minute drama, such as bridesmaids helping you to sew on missing pieces of your wedding dress and the mothers of friends putting together flower arrangements, and you can absolutely guarantee great memories and new connections!

At the Sun & Ski Inn and Suites we are more than happy to not be part of the main event. We provide alternative lodging accommodations that fulfill hotel overflow needs or different room products and price levels that may not be available at the central wedding venue. If you don’t want the sit down rehearsal dinner we can provide a casual venue at Stowe Bowl with delicious food, drinks and all your audio-visual needs for that slideshow that the M.O.B. and M.O.G. have so lovingly compiled together… bare bottom toddlers and all. If you really want to keep the party going and knock their socks off, provide an after party at Stowe Bowl. Wedding dress and bowling shoe photo is necessary for a truly unique photo album! And your guests will be laughing all the way home from the wedding about their incredibly poor bowling skills, especially after a couple of Martinis. You don’t want to exclude anyone from the pre-ceremony golf game because they don’t golf? Stowe Golf Park has you covered. Create a mini-golf tournament that all your guests can participate in on the morning of the wedding reception.

Experiences like these will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come. Not because you spent a lot of money on them but because you made them feel special, even though it was your special day.

Check out some recent mentions of the Sun & Ski Inn and Suites and Stowe Bowl in Vermont Bride Magazine and Boston Magazine! Send us a request for information here for your next wedding or group event.