Running a great race in Stowe

A few years ago work colleagues were putting together a team for a 7k race. So I thought, what the hey, I’ll go for it. I spent a couple of months training and finally made it the point that I could at least have the goal of finishing the race. While that period still did not turn me into a fanatic runner, I came to appreciate it. Working towards the race gave me a fitness goal and forced me to really get fit. The best part was finally finding that rhythm or getting in the zone. You know that point where you stop thinking about how hard it is to make each step. Your breathing becomes hard but steady and even. Your mind clears and everything around you disappears.

This spring a group of fabulous Stowe women invited me to join their group for the Craft Brew Races, a 5k run with a beer festival following. So here we go again! We had a great day. I was the last of the group to finish the race but ended up in the middle of the pack of over 1100 racers. Most importantly I finished the race and even made a sprint at the end. The reward was sweet, a wonderful afternoon with great mom friends, not to mention the beer and cider tasting.

And what better place to run than Stowe, Vermont! The over 5 mile recreation path is a beautiful stretch of running terrain. There are also numerous dirt road options and wood trails. So if you are looking for a new fitness challenge, try making one of these great races in Stowe, Vermont this summer. A weekend stay in Stowe is the perfect reward.

Upcoming Races in Stowe, Vermont