Riding Through the Autumn Colors

Though we’ve biked plenty all of our lives and even rode some rougher terrains in the past, it wasn’t until a few years after moving to Stowe that we really got infected by the mountain biking virus. The Stowe Mountain Bike Club has done an excellent job turning Stowe into a true mountain biking walhalla featuring a vast network of trails of all difficulty levels. On private land Trapp Family Lodge has got us covered with 13 beautiful miles of trails.

The Sun & Ski Inn and Suites is just a 5-minute ride away from Cady Hill Forest, Stowe’s main trail network. Instead of putting your bike on the rack and driving there, just ride to your ride! We do it multiple times a week. And while you’re there, make sure you get your fill of Florence

The nice thing about mountain biking in the fall is, of course, that you get to have the spectacular colors all around you as you’re practicing your favorite sports (outside of skiing!). And the relatively cool temperatures make the entire experience just perfect.

That’s why the annual Leaf Blower Fall Classic Mountain Bike Festival is one of our favorite events of the year. If you’re a mountain biker and had to put one item on your bucket list, it should be the Leaf Blower! With group rides, vendors, home grown food, and local libations, there is simply no better way to cap off the season than with this one-day celebration of bikes and community.

If you’re just starting to dream about riding in Stowe, don’t feel intimidated. We have great beginners’ trails in the aptly named Stepping Stone at Trapp Family Lodge and the Maple Run double track at Sterling Valley Gorge.  If you’re looking for a safe way to bring your downhill skills up to snuff, the Pump Track over at Smugglers’ Notch is an excellent choice for you and the kids!

By the way, whether you’re just getting started with mountain biking, are looking to enhance your technical skills, or would like to experience a guided tour, Four Points Mountain Bike School & Guide Service is a great resource for all your needs. Owned by a local IMBA-certified instructor, Four Points has got you covered no matter your skill level.

We hope this post inspired you to do some riding of your own, be it in the fall or any other season. Stowe is a fantastic place for mountain biking, and we’re in the heart of it all!