Zip lining in Stowe, Vermont

High-Flying Adventures in Stowe, VT

Do you want to fly with your friends? Visit us in Stowe, VT and enjoy a new adventure with Arbortrek Canopy Adventures, located near our inn.

Open year-round (yes!), ArborTrek lets you zip over, or climb through our beautiful landscape with views you just can’t get anywhere else. If you are planning on visiting the area we would definitely recommend adding this to your agenda! 

We recently gave the canopy tour a try and give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!

The Experience

  • This is a great option for getting a group together to celebrate a milestone i.e. birthday, bachelorette party, retirement, or family reunion. It could also be a positive team building experience for a group of co-workers.
  • The experience is exhilarating but also peaceful! Several ziplines go through the trees, so you are surrounded by nature and are able to experience it in a wholly unique way. It may not be the best option for those seriously afraid of heights, but perfect for those who might want to conquer that fear, as the guides are extremely positive and supportive.
  • You also get to learn something! The guides are not only informative and helpful about the activities available but also about the natural surroundings, local ecology, and natural history of the area.
  • Even though this is an active and adventurous trip, there is time to socialize, talk, and laugh so it makes a great group outing if you want to get away from the grind and connect.

Zip lining in Stowe, Vermont

The Logistics

  • Put aside at least 3 hours to do the entire zip line canopy tour. The cost for the tour is $99 per person. The prices for the other adventures vary – you can find all of the pricing information here.
  • The people at ArborTrek make it easy to prep for this adventure! Just wear comfortable clothes such as leggings or cropped fitness pants.
  • You begin at the ArborTrek facility for instructions and equipment and are shuttled by van to the starting point. No need to worry about photos either – they take pics of you and your friends along the way and offer them in an affordable package at the end of the trip.

We had a great time and are happy to tell all of our guests and visitors that this is a great way to experience the beautiful place we call home.

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