Trapp Cabin in Stowe, VT

Discover Slayton Pasture Cabin in Stowe, VT

Winters in Vermont are long, snowy, and spectacular! While there may be a tendency for some to stay in and hibernate, getting outside and taking in the particular beauty of this season is one of the best reasons to visit right now!

One of our favorite ways to really get out and enjoy the season is to strap on snowshoes or cross-country skis and make our way to the hidden gem that is Slayton Pasture Cabin. Often referred to by Stowe’s locals as “Trapp’s Cabin”, the Slayton Pasture Cabin is located at the Trapp Outdoor Center, which is celebrating its 50th birthday this month.

Trapp Outdoor Center in Stowe, VT

What’s better than getting some healthy exercise while taking in pristine woods blanketed with snow and ending up at a cozy rustic cabin with a roaring fire and hot food waiting for you? We really can’t think of anything!

Slayton Pasture Cabin is located on the grounds of the Trapp Family Lodge, located 3 miles from the ski center. It’s a hearty hike in, but those who make it reap the rewards.

A friendly chef (who skis himself to the cabin each day) awaits your arrival with hot soup, simple sandwiches, and delicious baked goods. The atmosphere is everything you’d hope to find in a cabin in the woods; a roaring fire, friendly guests, and a feeling of camaraderie as everyone warms themselves up with steaming mugs of hot cocoa or coffee.

Pro tip: There is no electricity or Wi-Fi at the cabin, so bring cash for purchases and be prepared to savor the (now rare) luxury of being unplugged for a while.

Trapp Cabin in Stowe, VT

Be Prepared for Fun and Adventure

Since the cabin is three miles in from the Trapp ski center, it’s necessary to be prepared with the right clothing and equipment, so you can thoroughly enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Here are our tips to ensure you have a great time and don’t hit any snags:

  • You can get to the cabin by snowshoe or on cross-country skis. If you choose cross-country skiing, be prepared for intermediate to advanced terrain. (It takes us about an hour to do the ski up.) The way back is downhill and therefore quicker, but you should be comfortable enough on skis to handle some moderately steep sections.
  • Dress in layers. You definitely get warm while cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, so you will want enough clothing so you can adjust for exertion and then downtime! Bring a backpack with some extra layers, a water bottle, and some high protein snacks like jerky or energy bars.
  • While we definitely recommend sightseeing in the beautiful woods and spotting wildlife, do keep an eye out for directional signs. There are a few times when the trails split, so you will want to keep track and be aware of where you are.
  • Cold temperatures are excellent for this type of outdoor fun since the exercise keeps you warm. However, as always, make sure you are in good health, that you are dressed properly, and that your equipment is in good condition

How Do I Get in on This Winter Fun?

Getting out there is easy! Head to the Trapp Outdoor Center to buy a pass for access to the trail. You can also get a map and rent any equipment needed from their friendly staff. If you’ve forgotten anything they also have a great selection of outdoor clothing and accessories to keep you comfy on your adventure.

Trapp Cabin in Stowe, VT

Trapp’s Cabin is open 10am – 3pm daily through the winter months. If you’re unsure about weather or trail conditions, it is always a good idea to call ahead!

Heading to this cozy cabin is really one of our favorite things to do in the winter. We hope you can find time to enjoy it too.

Staying with us at Sun & Ski Suites? If you have questions about this, or any other activities and fun things to do in Stowe, we are here to help!