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Can You Hear the Sounds of Summer?

July 1, 2022 2:13 pm

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Can You Hear the Sounds of Summer?

Where can you find an event with three days of world-class music, playing across over six different venues, with a main stage at your favorite brewery? We are excited to share that the Stowe Jazz Festival is making a comeback for 2022! The festival is slated for August 5th, 6th and 7th.

The festival unfortunately did have to take a 2 year break due to Covid, which was hard for all involved in the festival and music lovers alike, but the festival is ready to make this summer’s event one to remember. Like previous years, the main stage will be outside on the green at the Alchemist Brewery, and other venues include Piecasso Pizza, Doc Ponds, Plate, and Cork Wine Bar. More venues are yet to be added, along with additional musicians, but the schedule is looking jammed packed with talent already. View the schedule here.

Did we mention that the whole event is FREE? Made possible through sponsorships and donations — free music is an important aspect of the festival that also makes it so unique. With a focus on community, conversation, joy, art, and sharing, Stowe Jazz Festival is open to everyone.

In addition to the festival, you can find live music all around Stowe this summer. From the Farmers Market, Music in the Meadow, Spruce Peak’s Summer Concert Series, and Stowe Cider the sound of summer is alive and well.

If you are interested in learning more about the Stowe Jazz festival and how to sponsor or donate to the event, please visit:


Rose, Thorn, & Bud: An Interview with Rachel Vandenberg

May 6, 2022 1:24 pm

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We decided it was about time to check-in with one of the owners of Sun & Ski Inn and Suites, Rachel van den Berg. Keep reading to learn more about Rachel’s “Rose, Thorn & Bud”; Rose being something beautiful or wonderful that has happened, Thorn being something not-so-great, and Bud being something that Rachel is looking forward to.   

The last few years have been tricky as a business owner and a parent, but what do you believe has stood out to you as something beautiful, wonderful, or something that you have been grateful for? In other words, what has been your Rose?  

From Rachel: 

Owning your own business affords a lot of opportunity for growth and learning. I love that business can also be an outlet for creation and creativity and that I have the ability to take things in the direction I envision in cooperation with our family. Owning this business also allows us to live in a pretty remarkable place with a wonderful community. As my own boss I can give direction to my schedule including being there for my kids when they need me. 

The last two years have also given us the chance to see things from a new perspective. The world has changed which also has given us the opportunity to do things differently and make changes that might not have otherwise been possible. 

Everyone has experienced the last couple of years differently depending on so many factors. For you, what were your toughest moments? How did you manage to work through it, and who helped support you through those times? In other words, what has been your thorn? 

From Rachel: 

Owning any medium size business is an all-in affair, especially when you are open 24 hours a day 365 days per year. One of the hardest parts is that our schedule is not your typical 9-5 with holidays off. That means that there are definitely some sacrifices for our family. The last two years have been difficult because we went from not knowing if our business would survive to being busier than we ever have with a fraction of our regular staff size.  

The toughest moments in between have circled around feeling a lack of control, helplessness and uncertainty. I’ve worked through it with the support of family and friends and leaning in to the opportunity for personal growth. 

It’s spring in Stowe and the future’s looking bright. What are you most looking forward to this year, and where do you find your inspiration and motivation? In other words, what is your bud?

It doesn’t quite feel like spring with the recent snowfall we’ve had but we are heading in the right direction. I’m looking forward to continuing the re-growth of our team, new improvements to our property and getting outside more on the trails.  

Finding peace in the outdoors is crucial to my motivation. I’m inspired every day by the relationships around me with our guests, employees, family, friends and our very wise children, who are always teaching us something new. 

More About Rachel:  

About 10 years ago we took over the management of our hotel from my parents. I grew up in the hotel business but moving back to my hometown and becoming the owner/operator is a completely new experience. My husband and I share management responsibilities and we have different strengths and interests in the business so we compliment each other very well. I’m passionate about leadership and community and bring it into everything I do. When I’m not working I’m there for our 3 kids or spending time in the outdoor paradise that we live in. I love to mountain bike, hike, paddleboard, and ski. 

Unwind and Reconnect with Loved Ones in Vermont

March 31, 2022 6:25 pm

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It’s been a long couple of years for many, but at least for the moment, it’s feeling like we can all take some much needed and overdue vacation time to see family and friends. We are also in some ways playing “vacation catch-up”, and taking full advantage of every new experience and adventure. However, sometimes when doing so we often get home from a vacation feeling tired and run down. Of course, there are always 3 exceptions to this rule when visiting Stowe: skiing, hiking, or biking. So, if you’re tired from doing either one of these activities, then it’s completely acceptable. If not, time to slow down and enjoy each moment, and truly take a break.

To sum it up, perhaps your time in Vermont is less about a list of to-do’s, and is more about savoring your time and cherishing who you are spending it with.

Fresh Air, Fresh Mind


We all know that being outside and getting vitamin D can do wonders for our health in many ways. According to a 2022 article in, one of the top ways to add joy to your life and to prioritize your own happiness is to spend more time outside. Even if that time is spent sitting in a chair, or on a porch.  So take a seat, read a book, and just relax, but try your best to do it outside.

There are also many options for trail walks and hikes in Stowe, including two different waterfalls to explore. This time of year the trails tend to be pretty muddy. Visit the Green Mountain Club’s website here for trail updates and tips.

Go Out for Ice Cream

A lot like savoring a cup of fancy tea, ice cream is a simple pleasure, and never disappoints. We don’t disagree that there are many great restaurants and coffee shops in Stowe, but there are also some pretty amazing scoop shops. Our recommendation is that when in Stowe, say yes to ice cream.

If you are looking for a less guilty frozen treat, visit Acorn Italian Ice in the village (opening date for the spring/summer season: TBD).

Park Your Car and Lose the Keys

We know that this may not be entirely possible, but between Sun & Ski Inn and Suites’ pool, hot tub, onsite mini golf course, Stowe Golf Park and the 8-lane boutique bowling alley, Stowe Bowl, as well as the many shops and restaurants, all within walking distance from the property, you can come pretty close. Did we mention relaxing and taking in the scenery along the Stowe Recreation Path? Access to the path is also a short walk from the property’s front door.



Spring Skiing with Newbies

February 27, 2022 4:11 pm

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Spring is a lovely time in Vermont, and it is also a prime time to learn how to ski or snowboard. The temps are warmer, so the jackets and layers are more manageable, the snow is softer, and the outdoor seating is plentiful at the lodges. So, if you are feeling guilty about not making it up the mountain yet this winter, there is still time, and Sun & Ski Inn and Suites would love to host you!  

 We’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips and tricks for learning or teaching someone how to ski or snowboard (they apply to kids and adults alike!):  

  1. Prepare the night before by laying out clothing, including your socks and outerwear. Pack up your other items so they are ready to go, including your helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots. We all know it can be tough to get out the door, especially with little ones, so hopefully this will help make your morning go a little smoother.  
  2. Gear check!  This can be quick, and if something is loose or broken you will be so relieved that you dealt with it before getting to the mountain. Do not be too concerned with wax or sharpening your edges (for beginners it’s actually better to have dull edges, especially on a snowboard), and newbies really do not need to go that fast anyhow… 
  3.  Dare I say, candy? This may be an old trick, but one that is tried and true. It’s a good idea to have a few treats, or a snack like gummies in your pocket, just in case. It is a great reward (or bribe), and can help make the day a bit more sweeter if needed.  
  4.  Lower your expectations of how many runs you will take, how long you will be at the mountain, and what a perfect day might look like. Enjoy the view and take in the fresh air. You will naturally find yourself smiling and in a better mood – guaranteed!   
  5.  To après or not to après? We LOVE a nice après, but sometimes our kids beg to differ. In this case, it’s a good idea to leave a few snacks and water bottles in the car or in your bag (if taking the shuttle), so that after your day on the mountain you have easy access to a quick bite before getting back to the comforts of your hotel room. 

We hope these tips help, and we will see you in Stowe this spring! 


Winter is Better Together

January 28, 2022 3:45 pm

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Any weekend together at Sun & Ski Inn is a special time, but here are some of our favorite activities to do with a loved one or the entire family, to make your Valentine’s day extra sweet.

Cross Country Ski or Snowshoe on the Recreation Path 

Begin right from your room and stop at a few of our favorite spots along the way, or make your way up towards the mountain to enjoy groomed trails. Ski or snowshoe right up to Stowe Cider to sample some ciders, then stop for a late lunch at Sushi Yoshi. A day on skis or snowshoes on your own time, what could be better? Visit Stowe Nordic’s website to see all of the area’s groomed trails along with maps.

Ice Skate Under the Stars with a Private Firepit Pergola

This experience will bring you up to Spruce Peak, and is a great way to be a part of the mountain life at night. Reservations are required and can be made here. There is a fee for the rental of the Pergola and firepit (in addition to food and drinks that you may be ordering), but we love this idea for a family date night. If you are on a budget, but still want the experience, plan to ice skate and pick-up some yummy snacks from Edelweiss. You can still grab hot cocoa or another beverage to enjoy from the Whistle Pig Pavillion after you skate!

A Winter Walk in the Woods

Stowe is blessed with so many opportunities to recreate, including the vast trail system and conserved property for all to access via the Stowe Land Trust. A winter hike at locations such as Wiessner or Kirchner woods are a few of our favorites. Both will put you right into the heart of a scenic forest. To reward yourself, follow-up your walk with hot cocoa and a pastry from PK Coffee or Woodland Baking & Coffee.

Boutique Bowling & Dessert “To-go

We always save the best for last, and this is no exception. Bowling is a great way to get everyone to laugh and enjoy your time together. Bowling right at your hotel at our very own Stowe Bowl, with great food, drinks, and desserts is even better! Make sure to book a reservation in advance to secure your lane time, and do not forget to check out the desserts on the menu. You can even request your desserts to-go and enjoy it together from your room.

We hope these ideas got you excited for the sweetest holiday of them all. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our guests, employees, family, and friends!


Welcoming Winter

January 4, 2022 6:35 pm

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By Kara Richardson

As soon as the first snowflakes were in the forecast, my husband, our three kids and I headed to Sun & Ski Inn and Suites so we could properly welcome winter. There is a certain magic of a winter getaway, especially this year after the kids were through so much during these crazy times. It felt like this school year rushed from 0 to 60. (Or more like 120.) We all needed a break — a time to play — so we packed up the minivan from our home in New Jersey and made the journey up to Stowe. I figured escaping from the confines of our home for a weekend packed with trying new things full of winter wonder and joy would do us all good.

The Sun & Ski Inn and Suites’ grab and go breakfasts were perfect for a quick start to the morning, as we were donning gear. We were totally out of practice at pulling up snow pants, matching gloves and all that getting ready for winter adventures entails but we managed. On Saturday, the kids had their-ever first ski lessons at Stowe Mountain Resort. They loved every second of it, and halfway through, the snow started to fall softly and beautifully as we returned home. I took a moment to exhale watching the skaters.

We made it back to our suite and adjoining room where we cleaned up under the glow of a fireplace, and the snow continued falling. Before we got too cozy, we headed downstairs to The Stowe Bowl for a game and some delicious food (the Loaded Tots were a favorite). (When my little guy realized that there was a bowling alley inside the hotel, he exclaimed, “This is the best hotel ever.” And that’s even before he discovered the indoor pool and hot tub).

The next day, we headed to the Outdoor Center at the Trapp Family Lodge to try out our new snowshoes. While the kids were already sold on skiing (they begged for more lessons) they gave it a try. It took some doing but we were able to fasten them all on and away we went into the woods and headed to the sugar shack.

After we peeled off our winter layers and banged the snow off our gear, we piled back into the minivan and headed home rosy-cheeked and warm hearted.

I don’t know that the rest of the year will entail but I do know that this winter weekend just for us was a much-needed gift and we are looking forward to even more snow and adventures this season.

Kara Richardson Whitely is the author of Gorge: My Journey Up Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds, which is being made into a movie starring This Is Us actress Chrissy Metz. As a plus-size adventurer, she is a speaker, influencer and brand advisor t0 help connect with the 67 percent of women who are size 12 and above. Follow her on Instagram @kararichardsonwhitely or connect with her on LinkedIn

Bring in the New Year with Us

December 3, 2021 7:13 pm

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The Christmas and New Year’s week in Stowe, Vermont is magical and worthy of the images seen in your favorite hallmark movie. Beyond the twinkling lights, dining and shopping there are plenty of activities and events that complete the holiday experience and will create memories for a life-time. In this month’s blog we are highlighting New Year’s Eve adventures and parties to bring you through to 2022.

Dog Sledding

Mad River Sled Dog Adventures and Umiak Outfitters bring you the opportunity of an adventure you have probably never experienced before. During a one and a half hour program, you ride with the pups through the backcountry trails. They call it a thrilling and informational tour, you will be sure to never forget. Be sure to follow their tips for warm gear and clothing. Check out the Sun & Ski Inn Shop for those all-important winter base-layers. Multiple time slots are currently available through the New Year’s weekend, but book soon before the spots fill up! This is a great activity for some day-time family fun.

Snowshoe Tour and Fondue Dinner

If keeping your feet on the ground is more your style, try this experience with Umiak Outdoor Outfitters and the Stowehof’s Fritz Bar. Snowshoe by moonlight through the woods with the Umiak team has your guide. End the evening at Fritz bar with and intimate three course meal featuring Cabot Cheese Fondue and Laughing Moon Chocolate for dessert. This culinary finale will set off fireworks for your taste buds.

New Year’s Eve Celebration at Spruce Peak

Speaking of fireworks…the biggest celebration of the year, wouldn’t be complete without them. Head up to Spruce Peak Village for an evening of events including a torchlight parade, music, fireworks and more.

Roll into 2022 at Stowe Bowl

But wait! That’s not all. We’ve saved the best New Year’s party for last. Our very own celebrations at Stowe Bowl throughout the afternoon and evening. Reserve one of our four party blocks which include food, bowling, shoe rental, photos and a candy bar. Check out all the details and information for booking here.


A Day at the Mountain

December 30, 2020 6:09 pm

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Alpine skiing was made for these times. Fresh air abounds and there is plenty of open space to enjoy a healthy winter activity. The 2020/2021 ski season at Stowe Mountain Resort is all about preparation, so we are devoting this month’s blog to giving you a feel for what to expect for a day at the mountain.

Planning for your ski days

The most important factor for your ski trip is planning your ski days. During the 2020/2021 season, having bought an epic pass does not guarantee a spot on the mountain. All ski days must be reserved in advance. Make sure to do this timely, because capacity is limited and demand high, especially for peak periods. Find more information about planning your trip and links to Stowe Mountain Resort information on our Alpine Ski Planner.

Winter Stowe VT 2020If you need assistance with your ticket or pass when you are at the mountain, you can safely ask all your questions at one of the outside ticket windows.

Arriving and getting ready

There are still two ways to get up to the mountain, either by car or by shuttle.  Parking at the mountain has not changed and is available on a first come first serve basis. Once you are there, you may find that more people are using their cars as home base for getting on their ski gear or coming back for a ski break.

The base lodge is available for getting your ski gear on and using the facilities. Both the Mt. Mansfield base lodge and the Spruce Base Lodge have been reconfigured to allow for social distancing. Stowe Mountain Resort staff are monitoring capacity at entry ways and will ask you to show a pass before you enter the building.

The most important thing besides your regular ski gear that you will need is your face mask. Regular turtle necks or ski masks do not qualify as a face mask. The extra layer will be a nice added piece of protection for those chilly temperatures at the top!

Winter Stowe VT 2020

Ski lifts

The ski lifts are operating as usual, but everybody will be asked to keep a comfortable 6’ distance with the people in front of them.  This means the lines will be a bit longer this winter – though the lines do move quickly.Winter Stowe VT 2020

In addition, you’re welcome to ride with people of your own group, but your kids won’t be chatting it up with the random local on their way up.  And the windows on the Gondola will stay open to ensure the flow of fresh air.

Ski & Ride School

Classes are limited to 6 persons, no matter the age group, and face coverings are required.  You will be asked to complete a self-health screening within 24 hours of your lesson, but to be extra safe you’ll be requested to keep your 6’ from your co-participants anyway.  Please book your lessons 48 hours or more in advance to secure your spot.


The Resort has updated the menus of its quick-service restaurants in order to get you fueled up and back to the slopes faster.  It’s also introduced “Time to Dine” at Spruce Base Camp, which helps you plan your meals right from the EpicMix app.  This way you won’t have to worry about lines when your kids’ tummies start rumbling after their fifth run.Winter 2020 Stowe VT

A few of the Resort’s fine-dining establishments are open, though at limited capacity.  Per State rules, bars are closed.  Masks are required in all restaurants except when eating or drinking. We recommend checking out the different types of dining options here before you go. It is also highly recommended to bring your own water and snacks for in between fuel ups and to avoid crowds.

Aprés ski

What’s skiing without the aprés ski? Many of the same aprés ski go to spots are open for sit down dining either indoors or on outdoor patios. It’s not the usual and spontaneous slide up to the bar with groups of people standing close together, but a fun end to your day is still definitely possible. Don’t forget to make a reservation for your table, or how about a bowling lane at Stowe Bowl!

Try also these great Aprés ski spots: The Matterhorn, Piecasso, Sushi Yoshi, Tres Amigos, The Bench  or Cork.

Have fun!

For more information, check Stowe Mountain Resort’s website.

Somewhere You Have Never Been Before…

October 30, 2020 2:53 pm

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Whether having visited the Northeast’s favorite mountain community on countless occasions or experiencing what many feel is the quintessential New England village for the first time, going somewhere you have never been before socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually creates a balance and sense of wellness that can promote the confidence and resilience essential to navigating the current uncertainties we are braving together.  While racing down snow-covered slopes as you showcase your downhill abilities is considered by most alpine enthusiasts to be an incomparable adventure, Winter 2020/21 in majestic Stowe, Vermont invites you to reimagine what it means to ski & ride by partaking in back country & Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and fatbiking as well as dogsledding, snowmobiling and tobogganing.  So, let us turn that snow globe upside down, appreciate the crisp, clean air and the endless blanket of sparkling powder winter brings along with an understanding of how it allows us to see our surroundings anew, as sometimes a love that is missing is right in front of us; ours to discover and explore.

Backcountry Skiing

The backcountry terrain found off-piste in and around Stowe, the ski & snow capital of the East, is rocky, rugged, steep, and wild, featuring epic scenery, loaded with majestic mountain views and stunning valley vistas.  An example of one such backcountry run is Bruce Trail which was initially carved out of the rugged Green Mountains in the 1930’s but has never been included in the Mount Mansfield trail map.  This hidden gem starts at the top of Toll Road after 1800 feet of climbing, so you will need skins for “uphill skiing” and also the ability to channel your inner hardcore athlete as this is a challenge not for the faint of heart.  Known as one of the best descents of Mansfield, you will experience steep drops and a double fall line with gorgeous wooded areas that open to stunning glades and towering pines.  Backcountry skiing is best enjoyed by hiring a certified guide and is the optimum way to make the most of your experience in the surrounding mountainous landscape; and many programs can be tailored to your needs and abilities.  Prices can vary depending on expedition duration, the size of the group or party and what aspects of the trip are included.

Preeminent Rental Establishment: Pinnacle Ski and Sports

Best Trail: Teardrop Trail

Nordic Skiing

The pristine patchwork of farmland, fields and forests in Stowe supports the largest, most diverse Nordic trail system in the United States and is ranked as the top cross-country skiing destination on the east coast, including over 3,000 acres of conserved land and open spaces.  Pastoral Stowe offers more than 120 kilometers of groomed ski trails and more than 100 kilometers of backcountry skiing, with trails for every ability–from perfectly groomed tracks to smooth wide skating lanes to fine, untracked back-country skiing.  An example of one such Nordic trail system can be found at Trapp Family Lodge which is ranked the #1 Best Cross-Country Ski Resort in North America. Outdoor Activity Winter Stowe, VT 2020 Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center is the largest cross-country ski center in Stowe, featuring 37 miles of groomed trails and 62 miles of backcountry trails suitable for skiers of all ages and abilities.  Cruise the lower trails such as Sugar Road or Fox Track and then enjoy lunch at the Austrian Bier Hall or climb to the upper, more challenging trails with a stop at Slayton Cabin for a delicious homemade lunch.  Lesson and rental equipment are available at the touring center.

Preeminent Rental Establishment: Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center

Best Trail: Cabin Trail


The diverse terrain in and around Stowe makes it easy for those new to snowshoeing to enjoy the sport at their leisure, challenging themselves only as much as they feel comfortable.  If you are just starting out, you may want to begin with a snowshoeing tour from local tour guides Umiak Outfitters or Trapp Family Lodge.  On the flip side, if you feel comfortable setting off on your own with only a map to direct you, visit the Green Mountain Club, the largest hiking organization in the state, as they offer a wealth of information for visitors interested in snowshoeing.  Snowshoes can be rented from several locations in Stowe, including Pinnacle Ski & Sports, Trapp Family Lodge Outdoor Center and Umiak Outfitters.  The perfect spot to begin exploring is Stowe’s nationally acclaimed Recreation Path, which winds its way over the course of 5.5 miles and leads snowshoers through snow-blanketed meadows and serene forests throughout their journey.  The “Rec Path” also crosses the West Branch River ten+ times on storybook-style wooden bridges, injecting a magical and nostalgic element to a snowshoeing adventure while allowing users to acclimate to snowshoes before tackling more challenging terrain.

Preeminent Rental Establishment: AJ’s Ski & Sports

Best Trail: Stowe Recreation Path


In most parts of the United States when spring, summer and fall mountain biking season has come to an end it is time to retire your trusty two-wheeled steed until the following year—but not in Stowe, as fatbiking is here for the winter season!  What is a fatbike?  An off-road bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.8 inch or wider, designed for low pressure to allow riding on soft, unstable terrain such as snow or sand.  Fatbikes are built around frames with wide forks and even wider rear stays to accommodate the wide rims required to fit theses tires—and they are easily the most fun you can have when the trails turn pure white!  Fatbikes are a party on two wheels, and If you enjoy the thrill of mid-season, dryland rides, just drop the temps a bit, up the fun factor a lot and you have fatbiking!  Couple the rush of a new activity with the brisk, clean winter air racing past you—and no endless waiting in long lines at the lifts—and you may have just found your new favorite cold weather obsession.  Guests of Sun & Ski Inn and Suites that demo or rent a fatbike at Ranch Camp receive a 10% discount and the personal knowledge that they are engaging in a spiritual experience that is not only cathartic but uniquely epic!

Preeminent Rental Establishment: Ranch Camp

Best Trail: Cady Hill Forest


Let man’s best friend take you on a tour of the snowy woods and icy lakes surrounding Stowe, an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience best shared with loved ones and a wonderful way to create treasured memories that will last a lifetime.  An interactive outdoor adventure, dogsledding in for all ages and abilities as you learn how to handle, harness and hitch a team, all the while enjoying the scenic beauty rush by once your trek is underway.  As Stowe is one of the few environments in the continental United States conducive to dogsledding, it is advisable to book early as the demand for this magical experience is so high that most dog sled tours in Vermont are fully committed weeks or even months in advance—be sure to book your reservation as soon as you make the decision!   Being pulled by a team of sled dogs is exhilarating, but you will be traveling at a rapid pace through Vermont trails, so it’s important to stay warm and comfortable.  Clothing layers are ideal, so don’t forget a warm hat, neck gaiter, gloves or mittens, warm dry socks and insulated boots.  If your hands and feet are prone to getting cold, consider purchasing hand and toe warmers to add heat to your gloves and boots.

Preeminent Rental Establishment: Eden Dog Sledding

Best Trail: Eden Mountain


There is no more exhilarating or thrilling way to get around Stowe’s idyllic countryside and rolling hills than by snowmobiling, a popular winter activity of locals and visitors to the majestic Green Mountain State.  A gripping adventure through the high country of Vermont, guides will take you through lush forests to view some of the most pristine, untouched vistas of Mount Mansfield and Smugglers Notch State Park few will ever witness.  The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST), together with local clubs, maintains Vermont’s snowmobile trail network with over 120 groomers and a typical snowmobile season in Vermont runs from December 1 through April 1.  Stowe’s go-to guide service is Snowmobile Vermont based out of Umiak Outdoor Outfitters and maintains an up-to-date fleet of 550cc Polaris snowmobiles, all featuring heated handle grips along with insulated helmets and snowmobile specific boots for riders and passengers.  Cruising through fresh powder as you thumb the throttle, enjoy crisp mountain air blasting in your face and find yourself off the beaten path and deep into the woods as you rush past pine, aspen and sugar maples—there is nothing better…

Preeminent Rental Establishment: Snowmobile Vermont

Best Trail: Mount Mansfield State Forest


The most childish of winter sports has come full circle and takes everything you thought you knew about sledding and turns it on its head.  Lighter and more agile than you remember, say hello to performance sledding 2020-style!  Umiak Outdoor Outfitters has made available to those willing to dare Marshall Hill behind Stowe Elementary School, the Rush Tube, the Mad River Rocket and for those looking to recapture their youth, basic sled rentals that will remind you that your tailbone is still semi-intact.  The Rush Tube is a classic circular design inflatable tube reminiscent of a plastic disc sled, but with more comfort and a heavy-duty bottom and tough construction.  Not to be outshone is the Mad River Rocket, with control and maneuverability not unlike your automobile.  Kneel on the sled, steer by leaning as you execute sharp turns and get ready to fly…  And, the aforementioned old tried and true plastic toboggans and sleds—one or both of you will not be coming back in one piece as this time-honored, fairly steep sloped town sledding hill boasts little dips and jumps devilishly constructed by the nearby elementary schoolchildren.

Preeminent Rental Establishment: Umiak Outdoor Outfitters

Best Trail: Marshall Hill

How do you like them apples?

September 29, 2020 6:45 pm

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Vermont’s State Fruit

Apples 2020 Stowe, VT

It is officially apple season here in Vermont, and there’s a million ways to enjoy them! The apple happens to be Vermont’s state fruit and there are apple orchards scattered throughout the State growing multiple varieties of apples – some as many as 75 varieties! The Vermont Tree Fruit Grower’s Association is a great resource for finding an orchard where you can pick your own apples.

Bring Fall into Your Home

What to do with all those apples you picked? Make your own apple sauce of course! Homemade apple sauce is a family favorite and it tastes so much better than store bought. It is super easy to make and will make your home smell like fall. The best part of making your own is that you can customize it to your own tastes. You can tweak the sweetness or tartness by choosing a different apple variety, add sweetness with maples syrup or honey, or keep it naturally sweet and just add cinnamon. Here’s a great resource for making your very own.

Discover the Many Tastes of Apples

Our next stop on our Vermont apple journey is Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Cold Hollow is famous for their delicious apple products including cold or hot cider, cider donuts and a variety of other apple products like apple butter. They recently started their own Hard Cider line of drinks as well. Make a day of it and tour their shop, eat breakfast or lunch at the Apple Core Luncheonette and Brew where you can also taste their hard cider.

Enjoy a Unique Apple Treat from Stowe Bowl

Almost everyone loves a great apple pie or apple crisp, but have you ever tried cider donut bread pudding? If you haven’t, be sure to try ours at Stowe Bowl! We use cider donuts from the Cold Hollow Cider Mill and whip up our own homemade batch. Or how about a bacon and apple flatbread with beer cheese! We’re pretty sure you’ve never had that. Check out our menu for more details.

Whichever way you like your apples, we are sure to find a way here in Stowe, Vermont to suit your tastes.