Trail in Stowe, Vermont woods

A vacation in Stowe feels good…

Why does it feel good to take a vacation in Stowe, Vermont? What is it that has people returning year after year and feeling like this is the vacation that gets them energized, re-charged, and relaxed all at the same time?

The natural beauty, combined with an appreciation and stewardship for this special place, makes it a destination where people are drawn to visit, explore, and leave feeling better than when they arrived!

Stowe, Vermont is abundant with beautiful vistas, pristine landscapes, and varied natural resources that serve as an outdoor playground for hard-core adventurers as well as those just wanting to explore a mountain trail or quiet lake.

Trail in Stowe, Vermont woodsThe people who live and work here, those who provide food, lodging, and experiences for our visitors, know that it is important to make every effort to protect the natural resources, and to make

that a part everything we do.

Local efforts that make this such a great place to be.

There are efforts big and small, obvious and behind-the-scenes, that are ensuring we keep our town and our state a place for residents and visitors to experience, appreciate, and protect well into the future.

How are we working to preserve this special place?

Efforts are wide-ranging, from town and state initiatives, such as the Stowe Land Trust which works to permanently protect land that benefits the community, preserving recreational and scenic lands, as well as rural working properties.

Other initiatives include Stowe Trails Partnership, a non-profit, member-driven organization that builds and maintains hiking and mountain biking trails in the area.

Some local businesses including The Alchemist and Vermont Artisan Coffee &Tea, have made the switch to solar power, installing panels that not only reduce the cost of their own energy bills, but can also a surplus that can be fed back to the grid.

Artisan Coffee incorporated their bank of solar panels into their structure using them to protect and provide shade to both cars and customers. Visitors can enjoy a coffee and a view of the Green Mountains under a canopy made up entirely of solar panels!

The town created and maintains a 5.3 mile recreation path that intersects the village with several access points along the way. The recreation path offers residents and visitors a safe way to travel and explore without needing a motorized vehicle.

Waterfall in Stowe, Vermont


It’s not only possible to access picnic spots and swimming holes from the path, but many businesses and restaurants are also accessible – making it possible to visit shops, have a meal, and return to your lodging without having to get in the car!

Sun & Ski Inn and Suites efforts and initiatives

We have been working at Sun & Ski Inn and Suites to initiate changes that enhance the experiences of our own guests. We want all our guests to have fun, relax, and enjoy the rewards of our efforts to keep the area clean and beautiful!

We have installed an electric charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles (one of 8 that can be found in throughout the town).

Our recycling efforts are property-wide and include composting organic materials. We also make every effort to reduce waste (even recyclable waste!) by choosing packaging and containers carefully.

Small changes such as using bulk shampoo and soap containers and going strawless at our Stowe Bowl restaurant can have a big impact when it comes to the amount of garbage we produce at our business!

Our goal is to provide the excellent and comfortable service we have always offered to our guests, all while making every effort to reduce our impact on our immediate area and the environment as a whole.

More and more we seek to align our experiences with our values. Happiness is far more related to what we do, see and feel rather than what we accumulate and consume.

By keeping this a place of natural and cared for beauty – by making it possible to experience all that it has to offer, we are ensuring that visitors will have this experience and preserve it for the next generation.

We’re also convinced that this is why a vacation in Stowe feels so good! Are you ready for your next true getaway?  Take a look at our current packages for special pricing and discounts!

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