Points of Light Hoop Earrings


POINTS OF LIGHT COLLECTION Reflecting the interconnectedness that is the essence of life, our Points of Light Collection, with its blanket of light and waves of energy, invigorates and links us to each other and the world. Brought into the unbroken exchange of light sharing itself through illumination and reflection, we are touched by a force that is never lost, only transformed within the cycle of life. POINTS OF LIGHT - HOOP EARRINGS Cords of spiraled metal form the shapely silhouette of our Points of Light Hoop Earrings. The scattering of light from three gently dangling Kristal crystals will give you a front row seat to your very own shower of sparkles. Available in sterling silver or ceramic plated brass. Ceramic Coated Brass & Kristal Crystals 2.1" POL11CCBR

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